Readers react to council’s Tropicana bid failure

The council's bid to revamp the Tropicana was unsuccessful

The council's bid to revamp the Tropicana was unsuccessful - Credit: Archant

Readers have had their say on news North Somerset Council’s bid for funding to transform the Tropicana into a 9,000 seater arena has been unsuccessful.

The council had hoped to revitalise the former lido, in Marine Parade, with a £1.1million grant from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund.

It had a long wishlist of upgrades it hoped to make to the Trop, including an indoor event space for 1,000 people with retractable seating, a ‘unique, enclosed outdoor arena’ with a capacity of 9,000, and a new roof.

The project was set to create up to 70 jobs, including 10 apprenticeships.

North Somerset forecasted the ‘valuable investment’ would have provided an annual cash boost of £2.2million to Weston’s economy.

In recent weeks, however, the authority discovered that its bid was unsuccessful, meaning the project will not go ahead as planned.

A council spokesman said the authority was ‘disappointed’ with the decision but believed the Trop had a bright future under its stewardship.

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Many Weston Mercury readers took to social media to share their views.

Lee Bodger said: “The council need to seriously pull their finger out and sharpish.

“The Dolphin Square project was a great ‘eventual ‘ boost for town but yet again it’s one step forward and two steps back,

“Now the Trop will potentially rot again, the aquarium and Marks and Sparks are to be vacant.”

Victoria Hicks added: “Didn’t they have the opportunity to sell it to someone who wanted to make it something special, but wouldn’t sell it to them.

“Possibly because they were considerably richer than you.”

Lester Solway commented: “Good, that’s money it can’t waste now.

“Looking at the state of Weston it’s time those on the gravy train found something else to destroy.”

Annie Higgs said: “I don’t understand why the council refuses to invest in the seafront without asking for handouts.

“How long is it going to take for everyone to realise that tourism is the way forward and needs investment?

“We have a fabulous seafront full of potential. Yet nothing is spent there.

“We are never going to be an industrial town but we could be a world-class resort.”