Town’s parking rules slammed by readers as review begins

North Somerset Council took control of parking tickets in April.

North Somerset Council took control of parking tickets in April. - Credit: Archant

Readers have slammed Weston-super-Mare’s parking regulations which they feel are ‘killing off the town’, as councillors embark on a long-awaited review.

North Somerset Council’s leader Nigel Ashton has confirmed senior officers and councillors will ‘undertake a complete review of parking and traffic flow’ across the district.

Parking regulations have become a hot topic since the council took control of all enforcement in 2017, with many complaining the scheme is suffocating growth in the town centre and causing issues for homeowners who are unable to park nearby.

North Somerset vowed to conduct a cross-party review of the regulations in January, and after 10 months it has finally begun.

Cllr Ashton, in a letter to councillors, said he hopes to ‘find a better balance between the needs of residents, guests, shoppers, workers and visitors’.

Many people took to social media to share their view.

Sarah McHugh commented: “It should reduce parking fees in Weston and the revenue lost could be recouped by actually charging for parking in Nailsea, Clevedon and Portishead.

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“All of those towns have free parking available and proportionately thriving shopping areas.”

Tom Smith wrote: “All I know is back in the day you could drive to Weston, park up and do your Christmas shop in a packed High Street full of people and good shops.

“Now look at it – everything closing down or moving out. It is killing off the town. It’s all parking meters and double yellows.

“Free parking equals more shoppers, more people in restaurants, cinemas and at the seafront, spending more money.

“The council should try it for a period, I’m sure it would work – but I bet it won’t.”

Mark Brown said: “We are penalised for going into to town to spend money. My solution is to go somewhere else where I don’t have to pay.”

Serena Keira Pearce wrote: “There should be parking permits for residents of the streets which border the town centre like George Street, Orchard Street and Graham Road.”

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