Readers thank man disinfecting Weston ATMS

Neil Marsh has been disinfecting around Weston voluntarily

Neil Marsh has been disinfecting around Weston voluntarily - Credit: Archant

Readers thanked a man who has been disinfecting cash machines, parking metres and shop doorways in Weston for free.

Neil Marsh, aged 41, has been voluntarily cleaning in different towns including Weston, Clevedon, Portishead and Nailsea, despite losing 90 per cent of his cleaning business to coronavirus.

Neil’s business, CleanSec, has been closed following Government advice to shut businesses not selling or providing essential products and the company has lost businesses from car showrooms, sports establishments, offices and more.

In Weston alone, he cleans more than 20 cash machines, 16 parking metres and around 10 shops during his rounds in the early hours of the morning,

Neil, of Bristol said: “I’ve been going out from 4-6am volunteering my services with cleaning around different areas.

“I’ve been cleaning and disinfecting cashpoint machines, parking meters and shop doorways such as frames and handles, concentrating on shops that are remaining open.

“I’m cleaning more than 20 cash machines each morning. Some of these are at petrol stations and it’s nice to get a smile from the cashiers when I’m doing this. I then move onto parking meters and more recently shop entrances.”

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More than 100 people took to social media to thank Neil.

Sarah Jones said: “I worked with Neil and he always puts people first,

“This is such a great Idea and I’m so proud of him for doing this.”

Alex Hurst added: “How very kind of you Neil, this is real humanity, what a diamond you are, you deserve a medal for your complete, unselfish kindness.”

Matthew Thorne mused: “When this is all over let’s hope everyone remembers these businesses that have gone above and beyond to keep everyone safe during a difficult time.

“Thank you Neil Marsh your community spirit is appreciated by all of us stuck indoors.”

Fran Parkinson commented: “Amazing, so kind and thoughtful.

“If you would like any donations towards cleaning products I would be happy to donate.”

Karen Saunders added: “Fantastic, I hope your business survives this as it’s people like you that deserve support.”

Matt Kozaj said: “This man is a total credit to the kind human race and deserves thanks on a daily basis.”