Roadworks a ‘waste of money’ - readers

Weston College, Knightstone Campus.

Weston College, Knightstone Campus. - Credit: Weston College

Roadworks which started in Weston this month and will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds have been labelled a ‘waste of money’ by Mercury readers.

North Somerset Council is making changes to South Parade and Knightstone Road in a bid to improve pedestrian safety after receiving a £700,000 cash injection from the Government.

The bulk of the cash will be spent creating a safer crossing from Weston College to the town centre, and the width of pavements will also be increased to make it safer for pedestrians.

A council spokesman said: “Drivers will still be able to access the roads, although there will be times when there are lane closures, traffic lights and diversions.

“It is likely that most of the resurfacing of the road will be during twilight and night hours.

“The improvement works, which will take approximately four months, will offer drivers better visibility, give more space for pedestrians and cyclists and make it a safer place for residents and visitors.”

Many people took to social media to share their views.

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Vernon Craig commented: “We’ve paid enough tax to drive on what should be silk roads. Don’t get me started for paying North Somerset Council for parking on roads I’ve already paid tax to be on.”

Mel James wrote: “They are totally putting the crossing in the wrong place if it’s still the original plan and widening the pavement.

“The South Parade corner is madness – buses already struggling to get round here as it is. It is total madness.”

Terry Gilbert said: “Please remember Weston Carnival unlike you did with the roadworks at Alexandra Parade.”

Paul Budd commented: “It’s an absolute waste of money.

“How many accidents have there been at that location?”

Ian Stone wrote: “Perhaps resurfacing roads should be top of the list.

“And why would anyone cross the road into town when there are no shops left?”

Claire Edgell said: “As long as the changes aren’t planned by the same person who changed the layout of Alfred Street.

“They took the island in the middle of the road to make crossing safer for people away and people now have to watch three different directions.”

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