'Report graffiti attacks'

COMMUNITY safety chiefs in Portishead are urging shop owners to report graffiti attacks on their property. Portishead Local Action Team (LAT) is

COMMUNITY safety chiefs in Portishead are urging shop owners to report graffiti attacks on their property.Portishead Local Action Team (LAT) is currently working with the police to crackdown on increasing levels of graffiti across the town. And in the latest bid to rid Portishead of the unsightly scrawl, LAT bosses are writing to shop owners asking them to report the attack and then clean the graffiti off as quickly as possible.Portishead LAT chairman Reyna Knight said: "Portishead does have a problem with graffiti and we are extremely keen to tackle this."We have been working with the police to identify where the graffiti is happening and to identify the culprits."We are now planning to write to local businesses urging them to report any graffiti immediately to the police."We also want businesses, once they have reported the incident, to clear off the graffiti as soon as possible. "It is a well known fact that graffiti, unless it is removed, attracts more graffiti."Hotspots in the town include Worthington's Walk, the High Street and the shopping area at West Hill. Local police are planning an environmental action day in the Spring where work will be done to clear walls of graffiti.Portishead police spokesman Sergeant Terry Scoble said: "There is an ongoing investigation regarding graffiti in the town."A number of youths have been interviewed in regard to the problems. We would encourage anyone who has suffered with graffiti to report the incident to us."Anyone with information should contact Portishead Police Station or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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