Reservoir hotspot for sex pests

CHEDDAR Reservoir has become a national dogging hotspot with police receiving complaints of men harassing women

CHEDDAR Reservoir has become a national dogging hotspot with police receiving complaints of men harassing women.Police officers said they had complaints of 'odd characters' approaching women in the Fisherman's car park and asking them if they had a boyfriend.Owners Bristol Water said it was aware dogging - the meeting of strangers for sex outside, happened in the car park during the day and night and would review its security.The Fisherman's car park is listed on sites across the internet as a dogging hotspot.The website Swinger's UK gives detailed instructions on how to get to the car park.Sgt Peter Yensen said: "We've had a few reports of suspicious characters wandering around the car park and asking women if they have boyfriends."There have been reports of lots of strange individuals hanging around the car parks of known beauty spots in that area."It's quite intimidating for men to go up to women and ask them for personal details. Fortunately we haven't had any serious incidents yet."District councillor Peter Downing said there should be a police crackdown on the car park if women are being intimidated.He said: "There are far better reasons to go to Cheddar than for dogging.""If it's becoming a public nuisance then I think a police crackdown is needed."Unfortunately I don't think we're able to shut down these websites advertising the car park but we can step up a police presence."Cheddar Parish Council wrote to Bristol Water offering to close the gate to the car park at night but was declined on insurance and health and safety grounds.Bristol Water spokesman Jeremy Williams said the company was aware of people using the car park at night and during the day for dogging.He said: "We do patrols around the reservoir, but we don't want to lock the gates."It's not our job to stop people doing things that are illegal and we don't want to block the car park for people who want to fish, walk their dogs or go for a run."We will be looking to see of we can improve the security at the site.

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