Reservoir may shut

CHEDDAR Reservoir could be closed to the public to keep out yobs after yet another vandalism attack.

CHEDDAR Reservoir could be closed to the public to keep out yobs after yet another vandalism attack.Nearly £3,000 worth of damage was inflicted on Bristol Corinthians Yacht Club's base when a gang of vandals smashed seven large windows.The club is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the vandals' conviction. Bristol Water, which owns the reservoir, is offering a further £500.Bristol Water bosses say they are fed up with the constant stream of vandalism. They say they have thought about closing it to the public in the past and may now be forced to consider the drastic move again.Hundreds of people use the reservoir for walking, cycling and fishing. It is also used by the yacht club for practice sessions and competitions.A Bristol Water spokesman said: "Each time a fence, gate or tree is vandalised it can cost us around £200 to £300 to repair.""There has been a steady stream of incidents and we believe it tends to be the result of drunken behaviour, in which there has been a big rise lately."We get reports of gates being vandalised, trees uprooted and safety equipment removed. We have thought long and hard about closing the reservoir to the public and unfortunately we may have to do this again."It is not just vandalism which has influenced us either. The number of people dangerously swimming in the reservoir in summer is extremely worrying."Bristol Corinthians Yacht Club commodore Paul Hipwell said the latest attack was 'senseless', and hopes someone may have spotted the culprits as they would have been covered in black anti-vandal paint.He said: "We are all disappointed and angry at this senseless damage when we have worked so hard to be part of the local community."This damage was particularly infuriating because on Saturday morning we started junior training for young children new to the sport. They were very upset to see all the damage."There is clear evidence those involved got paint on their clothes and there were footprints visible on the stairs and curtains.