REVIEW: ‘Magical’ evening of dance at Weston’s Playhouse Theatre

The Emerald Storm.

The Emerald Storm. - Credit: Sub

Toes were tapping and hands were clapping as a company of Irish river dancers took to the stage in Emerald Storm on Friday.

The Emerald Storm.

The Emerald Storm. - Credit: Sub

Weston-super-Mare’s Playhouse Theatre, in High Street, was painted green for the dance spectacle which combined the traditional dance with the likes of contemporary, hip-hop and tango.

Emerald Storm took the audience on a journey about restoring light to a darkening heaven.

The show combines theatre with dance as each performance pits the heroes against different elemental forces wreaking havoc on the peaceful land.

Each scene was represented by different styles of dance such as thunder through tap and rain through ballroom.

The sheer talent which graced the stage on Friday night was awe-inspiring with a company of 12 talented dancers, a violinist and singer and a male vocalist.

I could not take my eyes off the fast-moving feet as the group danced in perfect synchronisation to a mix of modern tracks and some instrumentals.

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But my favourite parts of their performance was when they performed in canon – one after the other – where I could not fault the timing or the movements.

There is something about Irish river dancing which always makes me happy and this show was no exception, even the dancers on stage looked to be having a good time doing what they obviously love doing.

The set was simple yet effective; with nothing to take away from the performance we were able to witness.

Two strong vocalists took to the microphone at different points in the show which were enjoyable but it was when all three elements of a singer, a violinist and dancers came together in the final dance which really got the audience clapping in time with the beat.

The one small caveat I had to the show was, despite a narrator speaking in riddles, I found it difficult to keep up with the storyline in places – and I knew what it was about going in.

But that did not stop me and my friend having an enjoyable time wishing we had taken up dance lessons when we were younger.

The show overall was an enjoyable and different way to spend a Friday evening.

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