Rise in number of people admitted to hospital for obesity

There has been a rise in the number of patients suffering from obesity related conditions in hospita

There has been a rise in the number of patients suffering from obesity related conditions in hospital. - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of people were admitted to hospital due to obesity last year.

Over the past 12 months, 1,539 people in every 100,000 people were admitted with obesity as a primary or secondary diagnosis, according to NHS figures.

This is slightly higher than the previous 12 months when 1,504 people were admitted due to being overweight.

Health leaders say the figures highlight the 'devastating consequences' of obesity which can lead to a number of conditions including heart disease cancer and diabetes.

Public health minister Seema Kennedy said: "This data shines a light on the devastating consequences of obesity - both for individuals and for the NHS.

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"Prevention is always better than a cure and we are already taking action to protect the health of our next generation, with plans to reduce children's exposure to sugary and fatty foods and get them moving more in school each day."

In 2017-18, 3,160 patients in North Somerset were admitted to hospital with obesity as a primary or secondary diagnosis, and 69 per cent were women.

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For 25 of those admitted to hospital, obesity was the primary cause.

There are many conditions where obesity is listed as the secondary cause including joint problems such as arthritis, or health issues in pregnancy, gallstones, and heart disease.

North Somerset Council runs a number of initiatives to encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles.

Its spokesman said: "Our public health team encourages healthy lifestyles throughout the 'lifecourse' in a bid to prevent obesity later in life.

"Interventions with adults focus on lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity under the Go4Life scheme, healthy eating, weight management support, cooking skills and our health trainer service in Weston to support individuals on a one-to-one basis."

North Somerset is part of the national Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme pilot scheme which encourages people to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of them developing type two diabetes.

The authority also funds specialist support for women to help them maintain a healthy level of weight gain during pregnancy.

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