Roads closed as cooking fat chaos swamps village

RESIDENTS in Pill were left slipping and a sliding after the village was swamped in cooking fat. Vandals caused chaos when they tipped

RESIDENTS in Pill were left slipping and a sliding after the village was swamped in cooking fat.Vandals caused chaos when they tipped over eight barrels of used cooking fat which were being stored at the rear of the Kebab Kitchen in the precinct on Tuesday night.Gallons and gallons of the fat poured down the rear of the precinct shops, being tramped around the village precinct by shoppers, making the area treacherous underfoot.One precinct trader, who did not want to be named, said: "It was horrendous - like one giant oil slick."Firefighters were called out following the incident and put down sand across affected parts of the village in a bid to soak up the oil.But heavy rain on Wednesday night meant the oil was just spread further around the village.North Somerset Council were eventually forced to close off roads on Thursday and Friday nights in a bid to clear up the mess and make it safe underfoot.The trader added: "The oil has been walked around the village in and out of all the shops,"It was very dangerous underfoot and many people were slipping, sliding and nearly falling over."We were particularly concerned for the elderly people in the village who rely on the precinct shops if they fell over they could have been very badly hurt."It was very sad to see the village in such a state."Slippy road surface signs were put up across the village to warn pedestrians and motorists of the oil on the road.It is understood the barrels at the rear of the takeaway should have been kept secure in cages.Concerned traders reported the fact they were being left at the back of the store unsecured to North Somerset Council three months ago.North Somerset Council spokesman Nick Yates said: "We went to Pill and cleaned the area using sand to soak up the oil and then pressure washed the roads and used a road sweeper."Warning signs were also put up around the villages to warn motorists and pedestrians of the slippy surface."The council's food and safety team has visited the takeaway to see if any follow up advice is needed to look at the storage arrangements."No one at the Kebab Kitchen was available for comment.

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