Weston nursing home revs up for Rosa Ferrari's 100th birthday celebrations

Rosa Ferrari celebrates turning 100 at Manor House in Weston

'Mama Rosa' Ferrari celebrates turning 100 with friends and family at the Manor House Nursing Home in Weston - Credit: Manor House Nursing Home

Rosa Ferrari didn't just make it to her 100th birthday - she has roared into it like a sports car that shares her name.

A resident at The Manor House nursing home in Weston, she celebrated her big day today (December 6) with staff, family and friends.

She began her morning with breakfast in bed, before being serenaded by staff and residents with a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.

Then, the new centenarian gave voice herself, with a singalong of Tom Jones' classic, Delilah.

Rosa received flowers, chocolates and cards - including one from Her Majesty the Queen - congratulating Rosa on making her century.

Family visited and Rosa was presented with two homemade birthday cakes and enjoyed her favourite cake - a fresh cream chocolate éclair.

As the weather was dry, Rosa was joined by family and friends outside the home for another round of 'Happy Birthday' and glasses of Prosecco were raised by all to toast 'Mama Rosa' as she is affectionately known.