Rough sleepers evicted from Weston park

Rough sleeper's tent

People have been reported to be sleeping rough in Ellenborough Park since December. - Credit: Submitted

Police officers have served an eviction notice on rough sleepers in Weston's Ellenborough Park following increasing reports of antisocial behaviour.

At least one tent has been up in the park since December, and a number of the people staying there have been put into accommodation by North Somerset Council.

Residents have raised safety concerns for the rough sleepers and for children who regularly use the play area in the park. Police have also received increasing reports of antisocial behaviour including fighting and shouting at night.

Ellenborough Park West with the gates locked. Council is thinking of taking it over. Picture: MAR

Residents who live near Ellenborough Park had reported the rough sleepers to Streetlink to support them. - Credit: Archant

Avon and Somerset police confirmed: "Over the past week we have received a number of calls regarding antisocial behaviour in Ellenborough Park.

"We are currently supporting North Somerset Council and Weston Town Council in dealing with the issue and officers have provided an update to residents."

Stock Image Police Jacket Sign. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Police officers carried out an eviction operation on Wednesday (March 3) and will help to find accommodation for those it can. - Credit: Archant

The park is managed by Weston Town Council. A representative for the council stated that it would continue to support those it could but also take action when needed.

They said: "We, and other groups, have helped find housing for some of the people but others have arrived - some of which have travelled into Weston, with at least one being from the Midlands.

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"We are taking firm action against those who require it. An eviction notice was served by Avon and Somerset police on Wednesday. We will also continue to find housing for those who are eligible."

The Streetlink service is a non-profit designed to direct anyone sleeping rough to a support service in their area and can be reached via its app, online, or by text.

A spokesman for the service said: "If people see someone sleeping rough in North Somerset, the best thing to do is to contact StreetLink and we will create an alert for the local services; that first part is key and means that the process of offering support can start."

Streetlink can be reached by logging onto, contacting 03005 000914 or via the Streetlink app.

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