Stroke survivor donates ‘vital’ equipment to hospital

Uphill Wards stroke unit has been gifted with a piece of hospital equipment.Picture: Weston Area Hea

Uphill Wards stroke unit has been gifted with a piece of hospital equipment.Picture: Weston Area Health NHS Trust - Credit: Weston Area Health NHS Trust

A former stroke victim and patient of Weston General Hospital has given a ‘vital’ piece of equipment which helps people keep mobile while receiving care.

Colin Ford donated a Sara Stedy, which aids carers moving people from one place to another, after he spent 11 weeks at the hospital to recover from the life-changing episode.

He said he would not be home if it was not for the unit, and has given the ‘invaluable’ equipment to the Weston Area Health NHS Trust’s Uphill Ward.

Colin said: “The staff were fantastic and helped me make amazing progress.

“I used a Sara Stedy to help me get around, to use the facilities and to do rehab exercises.

“I felt it would be great for the stroke unit to have a second piece of equipment for other patients like me to speed up their recovery, so I decided to donate one.

“It was a small thing to do to show my appreciation, and if it wasn’t for the unit I wouldn’t be home now.”

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A Sara Stedy helps patients lift up from a sitting to a standing position and aids those wanting to move from a bed to a chair, to use a washbasin or toilet.

Sister at the ward, Catherine Barber, said: “This tool is invaluable to patients and staff and it will reduce waiting times for people needing to use it and it will give them a better experience.

“With only one it has been difficult, and now it will be easier and quicker for people to use the facilities and hopefully speed up their rehabilitation.

“This has been a much-needed resource which we have been awaiting funding for, but with Colin’s donation we can help more people at the same time.

“It is truly amazing.”

A grateful trust chief executive, James Rimmer, said: “We are very grateful for Colin’s donation as this is a vital piece of equipment which will improve our patient’s experience.

“We are always extremely pleased to work with donors who want to give specific items, and anyone wanting to do this can get in touch with our communications team and they will be happy to advise people on how to go about it.”

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