Woman 'taking steps her sister cannot' in 150-mile charity challenge

Catherine Turp and her sister Sarah.

Catherine Turp is raising £15,000 for her sister Sarah, right, who lives with Osteoporosis - Credit: Catherine Turp

A Yatton woman is undergoing a 150-mile journey to raise 'vital' funds for her sister's spinal surgery before the end of the year.

Catherine Turp set up a GoFundMe page along with the Sarah's Struggle Facebook page to document her progress as she runs, jogs and walks 150-miles before her November 25 deadline.

Catherine's sister, Sarah, moved to South Africa in 2001 after visiting the pair's mother - eventually deciding to stay put in the country where she was born.

Catherine said: "For the past 18 years she has worked closely to help people and with conservation, community and environmental issues.

"She works to protect sacred sites and protect indigenous people's rights. A lot of what Sarah does is voluntary."

However, 10 years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and shortly after Sjogren's syndrome which prevents the body from creating fluids such as saliva or tears - this causes Sarah constant discomfort.

The Rheumatoid Arthritisled Sarah has been fighting led to her also being diagnosed with osteoporosis which weakens the bones in her body - this has resulted in major injuries from minor bumps.

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Catherine added: "This is an urgent appeal, it is a hard time, with lockdown, but this is vital.

"I have covered 55-miles so far and the donations have taken us over £3,000. It has been overwhelming - people can be so generous."

A total of £11,000 raised would provide enough money, given the current exchange rates, to fund Sarah's Kyphoplasty surgery - although time is running out, despite a bright start to the GoFundMe page.

Catherine noted that the £15,000 target is intended to support her sister after the operation, with medicines and long-term rheumatology sessions.

Sarah and her partner, Muvo.

Sarah and her partner, Muvo. - Credit: Catherine Turp

The Facebook page set up for Catherine's challenge states "I am taking steps my sister cannot" and features video updates from her runs.

She said: "Fortunately, I can run locally with the Strawberry Line. Some days I run bucketloads, others not so much.

"If there were no pandemic, I would jump on a plane to see my sister with no hesitation. She is the most caring and giving person I know -  my wish is to succeed in helping Sarah get the care she needs and deserves".

To track Catherine's progress follow the Facebook page Sarah's Struggle - 150 miles for my sister

Donations towards Sarah's GoFundMe page can be made by logging on to https://tinyurl.com/y2znbymb