Self defence classes in Burnham

A FORMER policeman from Burnham wants to teach the community about self defence.

A FORMER policeman from Burnham wants to teach the community about self defence.

Frank Ellul, aged 53, wants to use his experience as a London Metropolitan policeman and security co-ordinator in Brean, to teach karate to children and women’s voluntary groups.

The Jaycroft Road resident said: “Most people think they are too old to take up a hobby like karate, but it is a great way to exercise. I didn’t start doing it until I was 30 and I am still going now. “It is also a great self defence tool and makes people feel a lot safer when they are out walking on their own.”

Frank has just started teaching an after-school class at St Joseph’s Primary School in Burnham and wants to help more people learn the martial art.

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He said: “In this age of increasing potential of violence, no matter where we live, it makes sense to take any steps possible to protect ourselves within the realms of the law.”

Frank is a black belt in kenpo karate, which was founded in America by Ed Parker, the former chief bodyguard of Elvis Presley. Famous followers include Steve McQueen and James Coburn.

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Kenpo is not as sporty as other martial arts and is geared more towards self defence techniques than fighting. Frank would like to start after-school classes and sessions for women’s groups. For more details call him on 07725 545906.

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