7 rescue pets looking for forever homes this Christmas in Somerset

North Somerset RSPCA rescue Staffy dog

Shadow is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross looking to find his forever home this Christmas. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

This festive season loving families could give the gift of rehoming pets.

Christmas is a time of joy and new beginnings, that's why the RSPCA is asking for people to find suitable forever homes for these adorable animals.

At the moment, the RSPCA shelter in Brent Knoll has seven pets looking to find caring families in Somerset. 

1 - Patra, domestic shorthair

Patra is looking for a retirement home.

Patra is looking for a retirement home. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

Patra is a 16-year-old tortie and white cat that moved into the shelter after her elderly owner moved to a care home and could not take her with him. The RSPCA say she has been extremely well cared for and now just needs a loving retirement home. 

2 - Buddy, terrier

Brent Knoll RSPCA rescue pets

Buddy is best suited to a rural home. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

Buddy is in need of rural home with lots of room to play. He's a nine-year-old terrier who gets stressed by others dogs. His last owners didn't understand him, so Buddy wants somewhere that can give him the patience he needs. 

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3 - Shadow, Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross

Brent Knoll RSPCA Somerset rescue pet

Shadow just loves to play. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

Shadow loves children and just wants to play. He is an eight-year-old staffy who does not like other dogs so needs a muzzle when outside. Shadow can be shy at first but once he gets to know you, he is very friendly. A video can of Shadow can be found on the RSPCA website here

4 - Daniel, domestic shorthair

RSPCA Brent Knoll North Somerset rescue pets and cats

Daniel was a stray. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

When five-year-old Daniel arrived at the RSPCA, he was a stray with an injured paw. He tested positive for feline aids so he cannot be rehomed with other cats, but he can live with other pets. The RSPCA would like his new owners to have a catio, so he can live his best life. 

5&6 - Rita and Patsy, Chinese Crested

RSPCA North Somerset Brent Knoll rescue dogs

Rita and Patsy come as a pair. - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

Five-year-old Rita and two-year-old Patsy want to stay together in their new forever home. The pair was anxious when they arrived at the shelter but are now confident with staff. To see how sweet the pair are, click here to watch a video of them.

7 - Grizabella, domestic longhair cross

RSPCA North Somerset Brent Knoll rescue cat

Grizabella just wants to be pampered! - Credit: RSPCA North Somerset

Grizabella needs annual vaccinations for melanosis in her right eye. She was in a poor state when she arrived as a stray. The shelter said she was matted and bedraggled. Grizabella is seven and will need regular brushes, she loves company but doesn't like other pets. 

For more information on animal adoption and pets who need rehoming, visit the RSPCA North Somerset website here.