Siblings combined age is nearly 700

SIBLINGS from Weston with the combined age of nearly 700 say they are aiming for the record books.

Margaret Davies, aged 88, has two sisters and five brothers all aged between 76-89 and says the fact that all of them are alive and well is rare.

Between Margaret, Win Hodgson, aged 89, Eileen Davies, aged 86, George Harris, aged 85, Kenneth Harris, aged 82, Keith Harris, aged 81, Ronald Harris, aged 77, and Leonard Harris, aged 76, they have 17 children, 32 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

Their ages total 664 years and all of them grew up and still live in Weston, aside from Keith who now lives in Bridgend.

The siblings were born to Ethel and Thomas Harris. The seven eldest were all born in a cottage in Banwell, before moving to Weston, where Leonard was born.

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Coincidently sisters Margaret and Eileen chose husbands who were themselves brothers.

Margaret, of Well Close, said: “When we were younger all eight of us had to sleep in same bed which is funny now looking back.

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“We think what we have is special and rare as we are all alive and who knows we may even make the Guinness World Record Book.”

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