Somerset Tattoo Convention gallery: 10 things you didn't know about tattoos

PUBLISHED: 12:00 03 April 2015

Somerset Tattoo Convention held at the Winter Gardens Weston.

Somerset Tattoo Convention held at the Winter Gardens Weston.


FANS of body art from Weston and across the South West flocked to the Somerset Tattoo Convention at the weekend - which has revived after an 11-year hiatus.

Kustom Kulture Tattoo Studio in Worle organised the aptly-named Seaside Shindig, which was held at the Winter Gardens, and the two-day affair drew in quite a crowd.

The seafront venue played host to 35 talented tattoo artists, who were creating works of art on clients while also competing for a number of prestigious industry awards.

But the festival was not just for those wanting some extra ink, as it also featured body-piercing experts and various trade stalls selling art, jewellery, clothes and curio, which organisers described as ranging ‘from the marvellous to the macabre’.

There was also a chance for those new to body art to find out more through expert seminars.

All this played out to a live musical soundtrack, with DJs and live bands, including Cherry Rebels, Coffin Nails, Honky Tonks and Boogie Me, as well as a burlesque act, all taking to the stage.

Interesting facts about tattoos:

• When you receive a tattoo, your skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by the needle.

• Early tattoo methods included using chisels, rakes, or picks. More commonly, a soot-covered thread was sewn through the skin.

• The most popular tattoo images are angels and hearts.

• Old sailors’ tattoos held different meanings at different times in history. For example, a turtle meant he had crossed the equator; a full-rigged ship meant he navigated Cape Horn; and a dragon indicated time served in China.

• ‘Tattoo’ is one of the most mis-spelled words in the English language.

• The top 10 most popular spots for tattoos are 1) lower back 2) wrist 3) foot 4) ankle 5) armband 6) back 7) arm 8) chest 9) breast and 10) neck.

• The Latin word for ‘tattoo’ is stigma.

• Plato thought that people guilty of sacrilege should be forcibly tattooed and banished from the Republic.

• Sadistic Roman Emperor Caligula amused himself by capriciously ordering members of his court be tattooed.

• People with tattoos are more likely to be female – 59 per cent compared to 41 per cent. However, women are also more likely to end up having their body art removed, too.

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