Storm warning for Monday as Sunday’s forecast improves

Worle High Street was flooded in a storm on June 7. Picture: Timmay Curtis

Worle High Street was flooded in a storm on June 7. Picture: Timmay Curtis - Credit: Timmay Curtis

Thunderstorms are more likely to hit the West Country next week than this weekend says the Met Office after revising a weather warning.

Yesterday (Friday) forecasters put a public message out warning people stormy weather could cause major disruption tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

Organisers of the Weston Air Festival said they were monitoring the forecast and it would appear the event will miss the worst of the bad weather, with thunderstorms now expected to hit the region on Monday and Tuesday instead.

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A weather warning - of yellow rating - has been issued for the West of England, coming into effect midnight on Monday and ending at the end of Tuesday night.

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Flash floods, disruption to transport and even a 'small chance' of potentially life-threatening conditions have been mentioned by the Met Office.

The last time the Met Office put out such a warning, torrential downpours caused Worle High Street to flood and saw Ready, Steady, Go Nursery struck by lightning.

Nobody was seriously injured, but the building was hugely damaged.

A fun day to aid the business will be held at The Golden Lion, in Worle, tomorrow from 4pm, featuring live music, children's entertainment and more.