Special care for troubled youngsters

YOUNGSTERS with 'complex needs' could be placed in the homes of volunteers who will try to teach them how to behave properly

YOUNGSTERS with 'complex needs' could be placed in the homes of volunteers who will try to teach them how to behave properly.North Somerset Council wants to train people in childcare so they can look after children who are at 'risk of offending' or have been put into the care of the authority.Dozens of children in Weston and North Somerset could benefit from the scheme, which the council believes will work because it completely removes youngsters from an environment which could encourage them into a life of antisocial behaviour and offending.Many of the children planned to be put in the care of the residents, known as youth justice foster carers, will be of a very young age - in the hope it will give them a good, early start in life.North Somerset councillor Peter Kehoe, responsible for children's services, says the authority is looking for some 'very caring people to do a very important job'. He said: "We have to find a way of breaking the cycle of a child becoming disadvantaged at an early age, so they can return to the community as a valued individual."It's about helping these children find their self-worth and establish co-operative values, some as simple as politeness."Some children are growing up in an environment which is unhelpful to them, this is about taking them out of that environment and to a place where they can learn basic life skills."To do this we need some special caring people, we will be asking them to take on board someone who will be very difficult to look after."We do have a lot of kids in this position at this moment and not enough of our own carers, plus our carers are getting older and we are going to need more help soon."For more details on being a youth justice foster carer call 01275 888999.

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