REVEALED: Number of people diagnosed with STIs in North Somerset


- Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The number of cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed in North Somerset has declined, bucking a national trend.

In 2018, 699 people in the district were diagnosed with an STI, compared to 749 in 2017 - while nationally infections rose by seven per cent.

There were 75 new cases of gonorrhoea in the area in 2018, down from 91 the previous year.

A further 22 episodes were related to syphilis, four more than 2017.

The figures include all new STIs cases diagnosed by sexual health services, excluding chlamydia in under 25s.

Dr Mark Lawton, of the British Association for Sexual Health, said: "Gonorrhoea is a marker of unprotected sexual activity.

"The use of dating apps is likely to be contributing to the increase in STIs seen nationwide, along with general changes in attitudes to sex."