Streetlife: Dog walkers face fouling fines

Sedgemoor council dog wardens are stepping up efforts to curb dog fouling in the district

Sedgemoor council dog wardens are stepping up efforts to curb dog fouling in the district - Credit: Pixabay

Walkers have had their say on the state of Weston’s popular dog walking spots.

It comes following warnings that dog walkers in Burnham will face a £100 fine if they do not pick up their animals’ poo.

Dog wardens are increasing random patrols and targeting ‘hotspots’ – including Burnham beach – in a bid to reduce dog fouling and other related offences in the town.

Two fines have already been handed out, one for dog fouling and another for walking a dog in a prohibited area.

Sedgemoor District Council has banned dogs from Burnham beach between the jetty and the pavilion. Dog owners found walking them on this part of the beach can be fined £75.

However, dogs are allowed between the jetty and the yacht club, and from the pavilion to Maddocks Slade, from September until April.

Many people took to social media to share their views.

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Angela Hoddinott Commented: “I walked along the Strawberry Line (the other day) where there are plenty of poo bins but still people are not picking it up.

“I ended up picking up my dogs and others because I don’t want people to think it was me leaving it when they see I have dogs.”

Charlie Astridge said: “I gave out two poo bags recently to dog walkers on Sand Bay after they just stood there watching their dog take a poo and then just walked off.”

Katie-lisa Henderson added: “I have five dogs and I always pick up after them as I chose to have them and it’s my responsibility.

“I even pick up other dogs poo when walking mine because the disrespect of some other dog owners drives me mad.”

Sue Phillips Roper said: “I walked along the promenade from Knightstone to the Grand Pier and was disgusted at the amount of dog deposits scattered all over the path, let alone any in bags.

“Having to walk along the front and watch where to put your feet is horrible.”

Alan Holloway asked: “And how do they expect to enforce this with no police or dog wardens?”

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