Streetlife: Parking charges criticised

PUBLISHED: 13:00 18 April 2015

As usual, Marine Lake was a popular spot.

As usual, Marine Lake was a popular spot.


THE recent spell of warm weather has seen Weston benefit from a healthy boost to tourism - but some people fear visitors may be deterred from the town by parking problems.

Streetlife users were hot and bothered over car parking issues in and around Weston’s town centre and seafront. Many were worried that tourists would be put off from visiting the town by high parking charges.

Pauleen P, who started the car parking thread on April 6 after a sunny Bank Holiday weekend, said: “What a wonderful day in Weston. Beach Road was completely full with cars.

“I spoke to people as they were parking, and they had all brought all snacks and flasks of coffee along with them. They said if they visited Weston two or three times over Easter they would be paying £14 or £21 in car parking fees.

“People only have so much money and if they pay £7 to park on the seafront, they will spend less on the pier.”

Harry B also felt Weston’s parking charges were too steep. He said: “I cannot see why the parking charges can’t be lowered to more reasonable rates.

“It’s not about how much can we get for parking, it’s about attracting people to have an enjoyable time in Weston and (allowing them to) have more spending money for other things in the town so everybody gains.”

Susan B, meanwhile, thought about the financial implications for Weston residents. She said: “What about reduced charges for residents of Weston?

“It would (currently) cost our family £15 for parking three cars, another £11 to go on the pier and another £30 or so to see the Sand Sculptures. That’s a day’s spending money gone before doing anything on the seafront.”

Lazza98 felt businesses could do more to help seafront visitors save money: “Interestingly, I was down on the seafront and the fish and chip shops were doing a roaring trade at 10.30am – as were the arcades.

“You could argue the traders would do better if they lowered their prices instead – a balanced argument?”

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