Support to help smokers kick the habit

Support services are available to help people stop smoking.

Support services are available to help people stop smoking. - Credit: Archant

People in North Somerset are being encouraged to stop smoking to improve their health and reduce the strain on the NHS.

This year’s Stoptober is well under way, with scores of people across North Somerset joining the annual stop smoking campaign.

More than one million people across the UK have cut out the habit since the pandemic, according to a study by Action on Smoking and Health and University College London.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, which can cause life threatening complications affecting the heart as well as the lungs.

As smoking damages the heart and lungs, it can put people at greater risk of developing a severe case of Covid-19.

Health leaders have stressed that stopping smoking is the single most important thing people can do to protect their health and the NHS at a time of intense pressure on services caused by Covid-19.

Tamara and Shannon, from Weston, got in touch with Smokefree North Somerset to quit the habit to protect their babies.

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Smokefree North Somerset provided them with information, advice and treatment to stop smoking and they are now benefiting from better health and a boost to their finances.

Tamara said: “The best thing about being smokefree is knowing that my unborn baby will be healthy. I feel fresh, my skin in clearer, and I’m happier.”

Lucy from Pill has also shared her experience to encourage others to give up. Lucy tried to quit many times before, but was motivated during lockdown so she got in touch with Smokefree North Somerset.

She was given telephone support each week and with her advisor, Chris, they developed a plan to support Lucy to stop smoking.

Lucy used nicotine patches and lozenges which she found helpful, and she downloaded the Smokefree app.

She said: “The support I received 100 per cent had a massive part to play, I found it really comforting talking to Chris. I feel amazing now and would encourage anyone who’s thinking about quitting to do it.”

Smokefree North Somerset has local advisors who provide free, practical telephone advice or video chat support.

For more information, call 01275 546744, text HELP 07800 001316, email or log on to