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A SURVEY of Portishead's public toilets has revealed they are dark, dingy and foul smelling. The audit of the town's three public toilets at Wyndham Way, The Lake Grounds and

A SURVEY of Portishead's public toilets has revealed they are dark, dingy and foul smelling.The audit of the town's three public toilets at Wyndham Way, The Lake Grounds and Nore Road, has been carried out by resident Reyna Knight.The survey was prompted by a complaint from schoolteachers who were forced to use the loos while out with students in the town.The survey, which took three months to complete, has revealed: l The ladies toilets at the Lake Grounds were dirty, with wet floors and did not contain any paper. The men's loos were foul smelling and often blocked.l The Wyndham Way toilets were dark and dingy and not one of them flushed properly.l The disabled toilets at Wyndham Way were lockedl The toilets at Nore Road, by The Windmill pub, were clean and hygienic.The survey also revealed that during the summer holidays large numbers of children were at the Lake Grounds taking part in various activities and that the toilets were 'more often than not in a condition dangerous to health and wellbeing'.Mrs Knight said: "Portishead has become very popular with visitors from areas outside the town."In particular the Lake Grounds are well used by both residents and visitors."It would seem that a number of people try to avoid using the town's facilities as they find them dirty and very uninviting."The condition of the Lake Ground facilities is extremely unsatisfactory bearing in mind that the town encourages, by having such a wonderful open space, people to visit and to use the leisure facilities available. It is a disgrace both as a public amenity and as a reflection of what this town has to offer."Mrs Knight said serious consideration should be given to employing an attendant at the Lake Ground toilets.She added: "This facility is a disgrace to the town and should not be allowed to continue in this fashion."North Somerset Council should consider updating the Lake Ground toilets to bring it in line with what is required in this day and age."The report will now go to Portishead and North Weston Town Council for its consideration.North Somerset Council spokesman Steve Makin said all public toilets were cleaned regularly by contractors.Mr Makin said: "Many of the issues highlighted in this unofficial report have already been tackled."The toilets are cleaned daily and our officers inspect the toilets twice a week."We respond promptly to any problems that are brought to our attention."To report any incidents contact our streets and open spaces team on 01934 888802."We are working with groups such as the town council and the Portishead Tourism Committee to improve the situation and under a new maintenance contract in the New Year more improvements are planned.

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