Swimmer rescued from riptide in Weston bay

The RNLI rescued them swimmer from a rock.

The RNLI rescued them swimmer from a rock. - Credit: Archant

Weston Coastguard Rescue Team helped a 72-year-old swimmer who was caught in an underwater riptide yesterday (Sunday).

The rescuers spotted a keen morning swimmer struggling against the current in Weston bay.

He was not making any headway, so the team advised him to head for a rock so a lifeboat could be sent out to pick him up.

A spokesman said: "They (the RNLI) arrived and quickly had him on board the D-class boat, minutes later the rock was gone as the tide was still coming in.

"The RNLI took him round to the cove behind Anchor Head and handed him to two waiting coastguards.

"He was exhausted but otherwise unharmed, and told us he is a regular swimmer in that area but the riptide had caught him out."