Take a stand - residents urged to join second march against lights

PROTESTERS are to march through the streets of Portishead for the second time to object to the town's Cabstand junction. The march - being held exactly one

PROTESTERS are to march through the streets of Portishead for the second time to object to the town's Cabstand junction.The march - being held exactly one year on from the first public protest - is due to take place on March 3.It is being organised by campaigning resident turned councillor David Jolley, who masterminded the first protest 12 months ago, against the traffic clogged town centre junction.It is hoped the latest show of people power will send a strong signal to North Somerset Council that the people of Portishead are still unhappy with the road layout.Councillor Jolley said: "Since the traffic lights were installed, queues and delays are now an every day occurrence."Despite more than 2,000 residents marching the High Street to protest, people still have to endure the traffic lights and tailbacks."What the first march did achieve is that all North Somerset district councillors and highways officials are fully aware of the problems surrounding Cabstand and the rat runs created to avoid it."So, come rain or shine, I need and urge everyone who wants the lights done away with to join me at the march."Councillor Jolley has presented an alternative traffic scheme to North Somerset Council highway chiefs to based on the council's original two roundabout scheme.But the proposal has fallen on deaf ears.Now Cllr Jolley says, if the Conservative party wins power at May's elections, work to look at a new Cabstand traffic layout will get underway.Cllr Jolley said: "Providing it is still the overwhelming wish of the majority, Conservatives will look at authorising a new Cabstand scheme to improve the situation."The Cabstand road system cost £800,000, with work on the project being completed last year.The march will start from the Folk Hall at 10.30am and wind its way through the High Street to Waitrose.People are being asked to bring banners along to the protest.

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