Taxi dad held at gunpoint

A TAXI driver had a gun held to his head as he was dragged from his car by a passenger he picked up in Weston. John Cornish, of Wick St Lawrence

A TAXI driver had a gun held to his head as he was dragged from his car by a passenger he picked up in Weston.John Cornish, of Wick St Lawrence, was flagged down in his four-year-old Nissan Primera in Locking Road last Wednesday by a man who asked to go Birmingham.The 51-year-old father-of-two drove his passenger about 100 miles to his destination. He was then asked to stop in a pub car park and was held at gun point.A cabbie for eight years, John says he is now wondering when he will 'fall to pieces' because of the terrifying incident. He said: "When we got to Birmingham the guy asked me to turn into a pub and go round the back. He then asked me to hang on for a couple of minutes.""The next thing I knew he ran around the side of my car and opened my door. He held a gun to my head."He took a swing at me and tried to hit me hard with the end of his gun. He hauled me out of the car."Then someone else got out of another car and he also pointed a gun towards me."The person I had picked up got in my car and drove off, followed by the other vehicle."The police found my burnt out car in the Birmingham area 12 hours later. They said there were two likely reasons for the incident - either the person simply didn't want to pay their fare or they needed the vehicle for other 'business' ."I'm wondering when I am going to fall to pieces over this. I have had a couple of nightmares about it."But funnily enough I haven't really given the men involved a second thought. You would think I would have wanted to rip their heads off."John is currently back on the road but is having to use a hire car for the time being.

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