Teacher admits child sex charge

A FORMER primary school teacher in North Somerset has pleaded guilty to child sex charges. Lynda Forster, who used to work at

A FORMER primary school teacher in North Somerset has pleaded guilty to child sex charges.Lynda Forster, who used to work at Sandford Primary School, was brought before Bristol Crown Court to face charges of inciting sexual activity with a girl aged 13-15. The 33-year-old, who lives in Jones Close, Yatton, pleaded guilty to the crimes, which involved using the internet, on June 22.As part of the police investigations all the computers at the primary school in Greenhill Road were checked.Officers were then able to confirm that the offences were not linked to the school, or any pupil, and that no contact started at the school and nothing was found on the computers.The offences, which were confirmed to be non-penetrative, took place from May 16-19 in 2005.Forster had a co-defender, Sammer Patanka, aged 28, who also pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing indecent photos of a child and inciting sexual activity with a child aged 13-16 at Bristol Crown Court last Monday.Patanka lives in Drayton Street, Holme, in Manchester.The pair will be sentenced together at Bristol Crown Court on August 10. Once Forster is sentenced, she will also be required to sign on the sex offenders register. The amount of time she remains on the register will depend on the sentence she receives.A North Somerset Council spokesman said: "The council was contacted by the police and advised that a teacher had been arrested and was under investigation for an offence committed outside of her employment at the school. "The member of staff was immediately suspended pending the outcome of their investigation."At this time, staff and parents were briefed around the actions which the school were to follow and, subsequent to formal internal procedures, Lynda Forster was summarily dismissed on November 6, last year."Sandford Primary School and the board of governors declined to comment on the issue.

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