Teenage girl is jailed after racial abuse theft

A TEENAGER has been jailed after she spat at a shopkeeper she called a 'paki' and who she tried to steal from. Katie Chivers claimed

A TEENAGER has been jailed after she spat at a shopkeeper she called a 'paki' and who she tried to steal from.Katie Chivers claimed that despite her verbal attack she is not a racist because she has a tattoo on her wrist which reads NWA - the name of a famous black American rap band.Magistrates jailed the homeless 18-year-old for the abuse and also sent the teenager to prison for an unprovoked attack on a 15-year-old girl in a village park.Chivers, who was living in The Centre, Weston, but is now homeless, admitted charges of assault, shoplifting, criminal damage, racially aggravated harassment and possession of a bladed article when she appeared at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges. She was sentenced to four months in a young offenders' institute on Tuesday.Tom Emerson, prosecuting, said: "On April 15 she walked into Banwell Stores in West Street, Banwell, with a pushchair containing a small child and was with two other girls aged from six to 10."The owner saw Chivers put three packs of biscuits in the hood of the pushchair and Chivers went to the door."The court heard that the owner challenged Chivers on what happened and received a torrent of abuse in reply. She grabbed the biscuits from the hood and went back into the shop.Chivers quickly followed, picking up a carton of milk from one of the young girls who was with her and threw it at the shopkeeper.It narrowly missed her but hit two bottles of wine, which fell to the floor and smashed.Later that day Chivers walked past the shop and saw the shopkeeper's husband outside. She spat at his feet and walked away, firing abuse at him, eventually shouting 'paki' at him.She was arrested and in her police interview denied what had happened and insisted she was not a racist - using her tattoo as evidence. She also said she does not spit at people and only spits when she needs to get rid of phlegm in her mouth.Mr Emerson also told magistrates how on May 12 she attacked a 15-year-old girl at Banwell Recreation Ground, by punching and headbutting her. The girl's nose bled and she said she felt dizzy and scared.Police also found a two-inch blade and screwdriver after searching her on May 19 when she was taken into custody for a separate incident.David Bird, defending Chivers, said: "She has accepted the best way of dealing with her problems is to serve a custodial sentence."She has been involved with drugs although has abstained for the past few weeks. Her life is in a mess."If she spends some time in custody she can sort out the problems she has at present and come out with a clean slate.

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