Teenager robbed at gunpoint

A TEENAGER has been robbed at gunpoint in Weston.

A TEENAGER has been robbed at gunpoint in Weston.

Police have sought to reassure residents in Weston after a teenager was robbed by two youths at gunpoint on his way home.

The 15-year-old, who is from the town, was threatened with the weapon as he was walking home from Winterstoke Road at around 8.20pm on December 28.

When the two offenders asked him for a light, as he turned into Stuart Road, he told them he did not smoke and carried on walking into Kenn Close, where the incident happened.

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Detective sergeant Rich Baber said: "It's not clear whether the weapon used in this incident was a real gun, an imitation or a toy.

"I would stress that the use of a firearm, real or imitation, is highly unusual in

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Weston. We are taking the report very seriously."

The youngster handed over his Sony Ericsson mobile phone and his assailants ran off.

They were both described as white youths aged from 16-18.

One had a distinctive Mohican haircut shaved at the sides with a 15cm spiky black crest. The other, who had the weapon, had light brown hair and wore a light blue hooded top similar in colour to a Manchester City football strip.

Police believe there was a third man in the area at the time who did not become involved but police think he could have important information about the robbery.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at Weston Police Station, in Walliscote Road, on 0845 456 7000.

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