Teenagers wreck beauty spot

A BEAUTY spot in Clevedon is being turned into a no go area by teenagers using it as a night time drinking den. Crowds of youngsters

A BEAUTY spot in Clevedon is being turned into a no go area by teenagers using it as a night time drinking den.Crowds of youngsters are meeting at Ladye Bay in the evenings having barbecues and drinking until the early hours.Broken bottles, cans, charcoals and even syringes have been found on the beach by visitors.One man, who visited the beach with his family contacted the North Somerset Times to complain.The man, who did not want to be named, said: "I took a number of young children to the beach to play during the Easter holidays. But when I got there I was horrified at the state of the place."There was broken glass on the rocks and pebbles and remains of barbecues on the beach."The railings were also falling down making it very dangerous for people to walk down the steps. But the most worrying thing was there were parts of syringes left in a small cave on the beach."Children like exploring places like this and I hate to think what could have happened if one of them had stood on a needle."Local councillor John Norton-Sealey said he was aware of problems at the beach following concerns raised by local residents.Councillor Norton-Sealey said he would be taking the matter up with North Somerset Council.Cllr Norton-Sealey said: "I know youngsters have been down here at night drinking and lighting fires. This is a very popular area for visitors and also the local community and it is a shame it is being made into a no go area."Cllr Norton-Sealey said he would also be pressing the council for the repair of the railings and for a stream which runs down from the hillside to be diverted properly to stop water running onto the concrete steps down to the beach.North Somerset Council spokesman Stephen Makin said: "Our contractors have been out to clear the rubbish. "If people do spot unusual items such as needles or syringes they can report this to our streets and open spaces team on 01934 888802, who will then organise for their collection and disposal as soon as possible".

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