Thatchers Cider teams up with award winnners

Thatchers products

Thatchers products - Credit: Thatchers Cider

Thatchers Cider has announced a partnership with an award-winning marketing agency as they look to expand their audience across the UK.

The Sandford-based Haze maker has operated from Myrtle Farm since 1904 and has chosen McCann Bristol for their latest marketing campaigns in 2020.

McCann Bristol has worked alongside companies as varied as British airline Flybe, German car manufacturer Audi and Beverage Brands, which produces WKD.

Thatchers is a fourth-generation cider maker that has spread North Somerset's apple ciders across the UK, something they want to improve on.

Head of brands Yvonne Flannery said: "Last year, Thatchers Gold and Thatchers Haze saw really strong growth across the UK.

"We're looking forward to strengthening this position even further with the ambition and creativity that McCann Bristol will bring."