Thieves escaping justice - traders claim

TRADERS and the police are fed up with the courts after two prolific thieves continue to escape prison. The men are causing so much havoc that

TRADERS and the police are fed up with the courts after two prolific thieves continue to escape prison.The men are causing so much havoc that residents want to deal with the two themselves.Chrissy Tatten, manager of the Spar shop in Loxton Road on the Coronation estate, says she has had stock taken nearly every day for the past nine months and even when the pair appear in court for shoplifting, they ended up being 'slapped on the wrist' and walking free.The 43-year-old who has lost staff because of the shoplifters, said: "It is ridiculous they just keep getting away with it and it is making them overconfident and cocky. They are so gobby and they don't care."I have lost one member of staff who has worked here for 11 years because of the trouble we have had from the boys."I can't understand why the court won't do anything about them. The police are great but it's not fair on them these two men are getting away with it. "The police are working really hard to get them locked up but the court won't let it happen."We just want some peace and to relax. If they were locked up we would have that."It isn't just our shop they are stealing from, it is shops all over Weston."Residents around the area are even saying they want to deal with it themselves but can't because they know they would get in trouble. It isn't like they do it once every six months it is every day and the magistrates will not lock them up."PC Andy Vallender, part of the south ward police team, said: "The two men in question are ruining the quality of life for locals due to theft and burglary which is being committed by them."This is obviously causing problems for residents day-to-day and also the people running the shops. They are offending every day of the week and it takes a lot of time for us to arrest them and it is frustrating to see it through to the end but to no avail.

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