Newlyweds need thousands of pounds to cover medical bills after violent Weston-super-Mare assault

Myles and Amanda Woods married in Weston in June last year. Picture: Ella Sayce

Myles and Amanda Woods married in Weston in June last year. Picture: Ella Sayce - Credit: Ella Sayce

A Weston newlywed is appealing for cash to cover thousands of pounds of medical bills after her husband was assaulted in the street and left for dead when he planned to propose.

Myles Woods flew from America to Weston to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend Amanda Day a year ago, but was forced to propose from a hospital bed after he was beaten up outside The New Ancaster, in Drove Road.

His assailants have not been found and he was left with a broken leg, cracked ankle, severe tissue damage, three teeth knocked out and a fractured jaw.

Because Myles is not from the UK, he had to cover the cost of the three operations, amounting to around £15,000 – the money they had saved for their wedding.

The couple’s woes continued when police dropped the case and the pair received no compensation.

Things went from bad to worse when Myles’ tourist visa expired and he had to fly back to America to apply for his spouse settlement visa – after they married in a ‘very small’ ceremony on June 10 last year – but he was unable to fly because of his injuries.

Amanda said: “As a result we applied for the further ‘leave to remain’ visa and waited for three months for a decision from the Home Office – they said Myles’ circumstances were not exceptional enough and he was then treated like a criminal and had to report to a police station twice a month until he was able to return to the USA.”

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When Myles returned to the US, he had to wait more than four months for the visa to be approved and the couple used their remaining savings to cover his accommodation.

Amanda added: “All of this happened as a direct result of the assault. Had the attack not happened, we would have been able to apply for his visa as soon as we were married and not had to pay out so much money.

“The situation was so desperate in the end Myles was sleeping on a recliner in a friend’s kitchen as we had no more money to pay for accommodation.

“The tissue damage to his leg, which had been healing, broke open, and started to necrotise once again. The stress of all of this has pushed him into heart failure and we are now waiting to find out if he needs either a cardio-version procedure or has to have a pacemaker fitted.”

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