Super slimmers raise thousands of pounds by throwing out baggy clothes

Slimming World at Weston Rugby Club holding its annual Big Slimming World Clothes Throw event.Pictur

Slimming World at Weston Rugby Club holding its annual Big Slimming World Clothes Throw event.Picture: Jeremy Long - Credit: Archant

Slimming World members in Weston and Berrow have raised £7,375 for Cancer Research UK.

Both groups collected 295 full-to-the-brim bags of clothes people had ‘slimmed out of’ in aid of the good cause.

The Big Golden Slimming World Clothes Throw event aimed to raise awareness of how keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

Each bag is worth around £25 to the charity, and last year’s event raised £3million nationwide.

In a group statement, a collection of consultants who run groups across Weston, East Brent and Berrow said: “We can’t quite believe how many bags were collected.

“I knew the members were amazing, but I didn’t expect such an incredible level of effort.

“So many people don’t know how much of a difference losing weight can make to a person’s health, which includes reducing the risk of developing a range of problems, including some types of cancer.

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“Hopefully, this campaign and our efforts for charity will help inspire more people in Weston to improve their health and change their lives by losing weight too.”

The campaign was also set up in celebration of Slimming World’s 50th year, with the organisation founded by Margaret Miles-Bramwell in 1969.

People who found a golden bag in which to give away their clothes during the campaign could win a VIP shopping and makeover experience.

One of Weston’s groups, based at the rugby club in Sunnyside Road, found three golden bags, and attendees of Berrow’s at the village hall, in Parsonage Road, found one.

The two groups’ consultants said: “It’s amazing for us to join our groups together in this way for charity.

“We have such fun when we spend time together, and to do it for such a worthy cause is awesome.

“We’re so proud of our members and their efforts. They really do put their hearts into everything they do.

“Whether it’s their weight loss, supporting each other each week or raising money for charity – they continually blow us away.

The consultants said they would ‘love to thank’ Weston Rugby Club for helping them by supplying a room for storage of the bags.

They also thanked the rugby team for helping them move the mountain of bags that were donated.