Three jailed for drug dealing

PUBLISHED: 09:05 26 October 2009 | UPDATED: 11:14 25 May 2010

Adrian Liburd

Adrian Liburd

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THE first group of drug dealers arrested during a massive police operation in Weston has been sentenced to prison

Tracie Thompson

THE first group of drug dealers arrested during a massive police operation in Weston has been sentenced to prison.

Heroin suppliers Paul Parker, Tracie Thompson and Adrian Liburd are now all in jail - waiting to hear if they will have to adhere to a 10-year ASBO banishing them from the Avon and Somerset Police area when they get out.

All three were sentenced at Bristol Crown Court last week, after pleading guilty to supplying drugs at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges on October 8.

They were all arrested during Operation Nissan on October 7, where police raided properties and arrested suspected suppliers after undercover officers posed as addicts to buy drugs.

Paul Parker

Now the police are hoping to get antisocial behaviour orders for the majority of those convicted - to cut off their contacts and stop them from supplying in the area again.

The chosen area is so vast as officers feared a ban from North Somerset would only push the problem to nearby Bristol.

Before passing sentences, Judge Jamie Tabor QC gave a harrowing account of the misery caused to residents by drugs.

The court heard how there were frequent complaints about dealers and addicts and one long-suffering resident even had faeces pushed through their letterbox.

Judge Tabor said: "Residents and shop owners are becoming increasingly distressed by drugs and the behaviour associated with drugs.

"Weston is a modest-sized town but is particularly susceptible to those who deal in drugs.

"It is in a particularly vulnerable position because of the number of rehabilitation centres and operations of this nature are not common place."

He also remarked on the high percentage of heroin found in the wraps bought by officers.

Usually heroin is cut with other substances and a high percentage usually means the source is not very far away. In one instance, officers found a wrap which was 57 per cent heroin.

All those found guilty of supplying drugs will be back in Bristol Crown Court on November 20 to hear whether or not they will be issued with ASBOs.

Today (Thurs) Jamie Foncette and Nathan Shaw are expected to be sentenced for supplying drugs in the town.

Adrian Liburd

A DEALER who boasted about the quality of the drugs he was supplying has been sent to prison.

Adrian Liburd, of Bristol Road Lower, had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying heroin and one count of supplying cocaine before appearing at Bristol Crown Court.

The 44-year-old originally came from the London area.

Paul Light, defending, said: "He has managed to come off drugs with detoxing and is on no medication.

"He is keen to stress his dealing was not to making a profit and there is no evidence of him reeling in cash.

"He would not sell to people who were injecting, only people who smoked. He knew the drugs were strong and wouldn't put them at risk."

Judge Tabor said: "Boasting about the purity suggests he was not just a drug addict.

"You boasted about the quality of your wares and on one occasion it was 57 per cent, which suggests you were aware of the high grade."

The judge also said Liburd had been in prison eight times and had a long list of previous convictions.

He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years, half of which will be served on licence. When he is released he will be ordered not to return to Weston.

Paul Parker

A HEROIN dealer who said he dealt drugs to help someone out has been sent to prison for three years.

Parker, who lived in Mendip Road, was sentenced to prison for his two convictions of supplying diamorphine - more popularly known as heroin.

The 50-year-old had dealt the drug to two undercover police officers on July 8 and 17 - once from an address in Locking Road.

Parker, who was known as 'Paul Cockney', has 69 previous convictions but says on this occasion he was only dealing to help out a friend.

When passing sentence, Judge Tabor said: "Although you are a very heavily convicted man, you have stayed out of drugs for some time.

"You were not making a commercial profit and you were dealing to fund your habit.

"I am not going to give you a long lecture but the people of Weston deserve some respite from drug dealing - it is causing considerable upset. I think you are intelligent enough to realise that.

"Weston has a particular problem and it is a smallish town with many rehabilitation centres.

"Selling drugs in these circumstances is like putting petrol on the fire."

Parker was given two three-year prison sentences which will run concurrently, half of which will be served on licence. He will be returning to court in November to see if he will also be given an ASBO.

Tracie Thompson

A WESTON woman says she dealt heroin because she sympathised with addicts' needs to get a 'fix'.

Tracie Thompson, of Beaufort Close, had previously pleaded guilty to three charges of supplying diamorphine but said she only did it because she felt sorry for users.

The 40-year-old was caught dealing to undercover police officers in July.

Paul Light, defending, said: "Tracie falls into a different category as she was just on the cusp of beating drugs.

"She says she got the drugs for people she believed to be addicts, knowing how painful the need can be.

"She went to the dealers and did not make a profit.

"There is a certain amount of naivety here."

In passing Thompson's 21-month prison sentence, Judge Tabor said: "On three occasions you facilitated in the purchase of class A drugs to others.

"I am satisfied this wasn't done for commercial gain, it was a misguided attempt to help addicts.

"You have 43 previous offences and some were nasty and violent."

After serving her sentence Thompson will be released on licence with a condition that she does not return to Weston.

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