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YOUNGSTERS have started trying to work out what they want to change on the housing estates where they live. Children on the Bournville

YOUNGSTERS have started trying to work out what they want to change on the housing estates where they live.Children on the Bournville, Coronation, Oldmixon and Potteries estates in Weston have been taking photographs of their neighbourhoods to show what they like and dislike.The pictures will be displayed at an events day for youngsters on June 1 at Weston St John's Football Club in Coleridge Road, organised by youths on the estates, the South Ward Neighbourhood Management Partnership and North Somerset Housing.Graffiti art, breakdancing and 'human table football' will be among the activities on offer on the day, which starts at 12noon.There will also be exercises aimed at getting the youngsters to form a youth group to decide how they would like their estates to change and what could be created in the area using a share of the £3.7million awarded to the neighbourhood management partnership from central Government.The Weston & Somerset Mercury spoke to some of the youngsters who have been taking photographs.* Cameron Baines, aged 12, who lives on the Coronation estate, said: "I like the look of the new college buildings but I don't like all the dog mess and rubbish around the estate."I don't like all the unused space because it could have new stuff on it. We don't like all the litter and vandalism, especially around the dirty rhyne."I reckon the Coronation could do with something like the Healthy Living Centre on the Bournville."Our park only has stuff for six to 12 year olds. There is nothing for anyone older than that."* Paige Gunstone, aged 13, and 13-year-old Sam Hoare-Matthews, who also live on the Coronation, said: "There's a lot of rubbish and graffiti on the estate which we don't like but we think it would be good if there was a wall which people were allowed to put graffiti on, to stop it going on people's houses."A lot of kids are bored and there's nothing to do because a lot of the equipment is so old in the parks. There is a new park on the Bournville but the Coronation has a lot of old stuff."There's also a lot of empty space which is boring and there is a lot of dog mess everywhere. We don't mind dogs but people don't clear up their mess."The football pitch on the Coronation is unfenced because it was pushed down and now when you play football there the balls just go in the dirty rhyme."* Josh Witts, aged 10, and 10-year-old Kayleigh Commons, both of the Bournville, said: "We like the park but the kids fall off some of the stuff in it and hurt themselves and some of it is broken."We like the basketball court and using the computers in the Healthy Living Centre."We don't like the dogs in the park because some people don't clear up their mess and all the rubbish is messy."There is also a big space where the old church was and people climb in there and it's dangerous.

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