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FAMILIAR faces from the world of television appeared at an extraordinary meeting in Weston last week. I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

FAMILIAR faces from the world of television appeared at an extraordinary meeting in Weston last week.I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Star and author, Christine Hamilton, was the main speaker at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of Avon Federation of Women's Institutes at the Winter Gardens on Wednesday. Her husband, broadcaster and author, Neil, was also at the event.Christine said: "I was delighted to be invited to speak as it is a terrific organisation. If we all held the same values as the WI the world would be a better place. After all, women are the backbone of England and the WI is no longer about jam and Jerusalem." After the event the couple planned to have a look around Weston. Christine said: "We haven't had a chance to look around yet, but the sun is shining, the sea and sun look nice and I have brought along sensible shoes for a stroll later."The last time we were in Weston was during our bad old days in politics so it will be nice to see the town with fresh eyes."When asked if she would consider posing nude for a Women's Institute calendar like the WI in the recent film Calendar Girls, she said: "God no. We have posed nude before in our book, but I don't think we even consider it for charity now as everything has dropped quite a bit since then."Christine also mentioned that she would love to go back to the jungle after her 2002 adventures on the ITV show. She said: "It was an amazing time. At first, when we were dropped in, we were like excited brownies, and then when the bush-tucker trials started it wasn't so much 'yippee' as 'yuk'. I would go back though, after all I have dealt with worse bugs in my time."Asked if he felt out of place at the event, Neil said: "No, not at all. In fact I think I am here to make a stand for sexual equality, and, of course, as a beast of burden to carry things."Christine added: "Our motto is WDTT - We Do Things Together. Apart from carrying."Carol King, chairman of Avon WIs, said: "We are pleased Christine and Neil could come to our meeting. It has been an enjoyable day and they have stopped and talked to everyone.

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