Tories sweep North Somerset

A CONSERVATIVE landslide swept across North Somerset last night as Labour and the Liberal Democrats gave way. The council elections

A CONSERVATIVE landslide swept across North Somerset last night as Labour and the Liberal Democrats gave way.The council elections were held last night (Thurs) and Weston & Somerset Mercury reporters were there through the night to bring you the up-to-date news.The Tories triumphed overall by gaining a majority of 43 of the 61 seats up for grabs on North Somerset Council.The Lib Dems are today counting their losses as they struggle to comprehend the size of the Conservatives' gain.The Lib Dems were previously running the Town Hall in a coalition with Labour.Labour also failed to hold on to all their nine seats and now have three councillors.Isabel Cummings lost her Yatton seat after 15 years and a Labour husband and wife, team Derek and Muriel Kraft, also came away empty handed. Green councillor Tom Leimdorfer comfortably held on to his seat in Congresbury winning by more than twice the number of votes as his nearest opponent. Parish and town council votes are being counted today (Fri). Keep an eye on our website to get the news as it happens.For a full report on the night's ups and downs buy the Weston & Somerset Mercury on Friday.NORTH SOMERSET COUNCIL RESULTSBackwell (two seats)Winners: Tom Collinson (Indpt/1283, Karen Barclay (Indpt/912.)Losers:Peter Burden (Con/593), David Neale (Lib Dem/295), Roger Theis (Con/523).Banwell and Winscombe (three seats)Winners:Ann Harley (Con/2020), Tony Lake (Con/1966), Tim Marter (Con/1830)Losers:Ray Armstrong (Lib Dem/575), Amanda Brading (Lib Dem/804), Andrew Hughes (Lab/258), Ludovic Janas (Lab/274), Mark Lewis (Lib Dem/583), Tony Roberts (Lab/264).Blagdon and Churchill (one seat)Winners:Liz Wells (Con/882)Losers:Stanley Banks (Lab/93), Tony Hughes (Lib Dem/379) Clevedon Central (one seat)Winners: Stanley Vyce (Con/357) Losers: Paul Sterling (Lab/189), John Vanderplank (Lib Dem/245).Clevedon East (one seat)Winners:David Shopland (Indpt/557)Losers: John Middleton (Con/231), Joe Norman (Lab/134).Clevedon North (one seat)Winners: Robert Garner (Con/422)Losers: John Brenton (Green/132), Carole Wring (Indpt/378).Clevedon South (one seat)Winners: Anne-Marie Gregory (Con/322)Losers: Alan Cotton (Lab/292), Graham Watkins (Lib Dem/212).Clevedon Walton (one seat)Winners: John Norton-Sealey (Con/787)Losers: Jack Dagnall (Lib Dem/431).Clevedon West (one seat)Winners: Christopher Blades (Con/580) Losers: Chanel Stephens ~(Lab and Co-op/481)Clevedon Yeo (one seat)Winners: Colin Hall (Con/432)Losers: Alistair Lindsay (Lab/312).Congresbury (one seat)Winners: Tom Leimdorfer (Green/822)Losers: Christine Davis (Con/401), Michael Palmer (Indpt 36).Easton-in-Gordano (one seat)Winners: Carl Francis-Pester (Con/724)Losers: Mac Jordon (Lib Dem/277)Gordano (one seat)Winners: Nigel Ashton (Con/819) Losers: Evelyn Elworthy (Lib Dem/254)Hutton & Locking (two seats)Winners:Elfan Ap Rees (Con/1330), Ian Peddlesden (Con/1325)Losers:Christopher Belton-Reed (Lab/198), Charles Havill (Lib Dem/385), Andrew Nisbet (Lib Dem/398), Timothy Taylor (Lab/184).Kewstoke (one seat)Winners: Ian Porter (Con/607) Losers: Peter Hardaway (Lib Dem/268), Jacqueline Scholes (Lab/85).Nailsea East (two seat)Winners:Jan Barber (Con/1136), Andy Cole (Lib Dem/1188)Losers:Gaile Blake (Lab/118), Alan Clarke (Lib Dem/980), Bob Coleman (Con/905), Patrick Hearn (Lab/140)Nailsea North and West (three seats)Winners:Jeremy Blatchford (Con/1476), Mary Blatchford (Con/1390), Anne Kemp (Con/1376).Losers:Robin Bell (Lib Dem/1032), Ben Johnson (Lab/298), Tony Probert (Lab/288), Christopher Smart (Lab/312), Bob Steadman (Lib Dem/1041), James Tonkin (Lib Dem/1029).Pill (one seat)Winners:Nan Kirsen (Indpt/809)Losers:Patricia Gardener (Lab and Co-op/203)Portishead Central (one seat)Winners: Reyna Knight (Con/313)Losers: Lynne Buckner (Lab/60), Mike Wilks (Indpt/200), Andy Wright (Lib Dem/243).Portishead Coast (one seat)Winners:David Pasley (Con/776)Losers:Rod Hoare (Lib Dem/304), Roger Whitfield (Lab/113)Portishead East (one seat)Winners:Arthur Terry (Con/687)Losers:Terry Lester (Lab/172), Phil Palmer (Lib Dem/357)Portishead Redcliffe Bay (one seat)Winners:Felicity Baker (Con/688)Losers:Jean Lord (Lib Dem/572), David McKeag (Lab/62).Portishead South and North Weston (one seat)Winners: Alan McMurray (Con/538)Losers: John Clark (Lib Dem/361).Portishead West (one seat)Winners:David Jolley (Con/752)Losers:Kirsty Gardener (Lab/81, Sue Mason (Lib Dem/345).Weston Central (two seats)Winners:Mike Kellaway-Marriott (Con/486), Keith Morris (Con/468)Losers:Jeffrey Alen (Lib Dem/374), John Carter (New Approach/252), John Crockford-Hawley (Lib Dem/431), Colin Granner (New Approach/144), Mike Lyall (Lab/177), Richard Nightingale (Indpt/370), Frederick Roberts (Lab/174).Weston Clarence & Uphill (three seats)Winners:Peter Bryant (Con/1800), Mike Roe (Con/1777), Clive Webb (Con/1708)Losers:Jose Bateman (Lab/310), Tony Helliker (Lib Dem/672), June How (Lib Dem/670), Paula Howell(Lib Dem/836), Stephen Varney (Lab/295), Alison Yianni (Lab/280).Weston East (three seats)Winners:Robert Cleland (Con/1306), William Collins (Con/1345), Dawn Payne (Con/1497)Losers:Derek Kraft (Lab/963), Muriel Kraft (Lab/914), Gary Longmore (Lib Dem/529), Edward Mason (Lib Dem/526), Richard Oddy (Lib Dem/493), Richard Tucker (Lab/951).Weston Milton & Old Worle (three seats)Winners:Roz Willis (Con/1630), Lisa Pilgrim (Con/1537), Sue Creasey (Con/1534)Losers:Astra Brand (Lib Dem/904), Bee Edmunds (Lab/367), Jenny Gosden (Lib Dem/889), Michael O'Regan (Lab/293), Steven Pearse-Danker (UKIP/454),Norman Sycamore (Lib Dem/745), Adrian Tucker (Lab/362), Weston South (three seats)Winners:Ian Parker (Lab/1039), Robert Bateman (Lab/958), Deborah Stone (Lab/860)Losers: Zena Canniford (Lib Dem/455), Mike Dolley (Con/440), Val Field (Lib Dem/409), Adam Nash (Indpt/284), Mari Owens (Lib Dem/508)Weston South Worle (three seats)Winners:Gully Hayer (Lib Dem/1138), Chris Howell (Lib Dem/1017), Edward Keating (Lib Dem/970)Losers:Simon Arlidge (Lab/482), Paul Francis (Lab/531), John Ley-Morgan (Con/808), Simon Stokes (Lab/460), John Wiltshire (Con/814).Weston West (three seats)Winners:Andrew Horler (Con/1353), Chris Kimitri (Con/1265), Dawn Parry (Con 1256).Losers:Mike Bell (Lib Dem/1250), Mark Canniford (Lib Dem/1254), Robert Craig (Lab/208), Robert Payne (Lib Dem/1053), David Roxburgh (Lab/166), Paul Spencer (UKIP/281), Peter Williams (Lab/186).Winford (one seat)Winners:Hugh Gregor (Indpt/534)Losers:Anita Heappey (Con/453)Wraxall and Long Ashton (two seats)Winners:Bob Cook (Con/1504), Howard Roberts (Con/1181).Losers:Angela Neale (Lib Dem/1101)Wrington (one seat)Winners:Deborah Yamanaka (Lib Dem/578)Losers:Hilary Burn (Indpt/286), Peter Ellis (Con/421)Yatton (three seats)Winners: Tony Moulin (Indp/1549),Erika Blades (Con/1095), Jill Iles (Con/1227).Losers: Isabel Cummings (Lib Dem/1052), Wendy Griggs (Lib Dem/958), Juley Howard (Green/785), Peter Kehoe (Lib Dem/873), Bryan Moore (Lab/272), Edmond Price (Con/withdrawn).WESTON-SUPER-MARE TOWN COUNCILTHE blues cruised to victory at the Weston Town Council elections.Conservative wins at the town council on Friday accompanied the party's landslide across the district.Tories now have 20 seats on the council with the Lib Dems winning seven and Labour three.Ashcombe Wood (two seats)Winners: Andrew Horler (Con/767 votes) Dawn Parry (Con/684 votes). Losers: Gary Longmore (Lib Dem/556 votes), Robert Payne (Lib Dem/591 votes), David Roxburgh (Lab/96 votes), Paul Spencer (UKIP/136 votes), Peter Williams (Lab/114 votes).Birnbeck (one seat)Winner: Chris Kimitri (Con/417 votes).Losers: Jenny Bindon (Lib Dem/299 votes), Lisa Youlton (Lab/49 votes).Bleadon Hill (one seat)Winner:Charles Heard (Con/483 votes).Losers: Andrew Nisbet (Lib Dem/100 votes), Stephen Varney (Lab/58 votes).Bournville & Coronation (two seats)Winners: Ian Parker (Lab/640 votes), Rose Warwick (Labe/548 votes).Losers: Zena Canniford (Lib Dem/290 votes), Mari Owens (Lib Dem/353 votes).Broadoak & Uphill (two seats)Winners: John Ley-Morgan (Con/840 votes), Keith Morris (Con/798 votes).Losers: Kate Bird (Lib Dem/401 votes), James Burn (Lib Dem/318 votes), June Parker (Lab/162 votes), Alison Yianni (Lab/149 votes).Castle Batch (one seat)Winner: Steve Edwards (Con/164 votes).Losers: Mirian Brown (UKIP/34 votes), Ann Francis (Lab/45 votes), Gordon Haldane (Lib Dem/134 votes).Central (two seats)Winners: Geoff Bunn (Con/392 votes), Mike Kellaway-Marriot (Con/409 votes).Losers: Jeff Alen (Lib Dem/356 votes), Ray Armstrong (Lib Dem/334 votes), Mike Lyall (Lab/180 votes), Frederick Roberts (Lab/183 votes).Clarence (one seat)Winner: Clive Webb (Con/513 votes).Losers: Josephine Bateman (Lab/115 votes), Julia Longmore (Lib Dem/214 votes).Earlham (two seats)Winners: Pauline Priestman (Con/635 votes), Len Purnell (Con/566 votes).Losers: Annie Amesbury (Lib Dem/281 votes), Shane Dean (Lab/459 votes), Tina Haysom (Lib Dem/252 votes), Derek Kraft (Lab/457 votes). Ebdon (one seat)Winner: Marcia Pepperall (Con/178 votes).Losers: Roger Brown (Lib Dem/95 votes), Andrew Hughes (Lab/26 votes).Ellenborough (one seat)Winner: Jos Holder (Con/260 votes).Losers: Bob Bateman (Lab/74 votes), Edward Mason (Lib Dem/152 votes).Ewart (one seat)Winner: Robert Cleland (Con/283 votes).Loser: Robert Craig (Lab/242 votes). Invalid nomination: Richard Oddy (Lib Dem).Grove (one seat)Winner: Mark Canniford (Lib Dem/327 votes).Losers: John Hartland (Con/241 votes), Heather Paddick (Lab/39 votes).Hutton Moor (one seat)Winner: William Collins (Con/493 votes).Losers: Joan Dunne (Lib Dem/235 votes), Timothy Taylor (Lab/274 votes).Mead Vale (one seat)Winner: Charles Havill (Lib Dem/405 votes).Losers: Simon Stokes (Lab/191 votes), John Wiltshire (Con/340 votes).Milton (one seat)Winner: Roz Willis (Con/377 votes).Losers: Bea Edmunds (Lab/107 votes), Sue Harding (Lib Dem/252 votes).Oldmixon (one seat)Winner: Cyril King (Lab/249 votes). Loser: Val Field (Lib Dem/163 votes).Summer Lane (two seat)Winners: Mick Hartley (Lib Dem/533 votes), Chris Howell (Lib Dem/ 522 votes).Losers: Simon Arlidge (Lab/192 votes), Brian Grace (Lab/199 votes).Worle Central (one seat)Winner: Clive Darke (Con/424 votes).Losers: Jenny Gosden (Lib Dem/249 votes), David Kellow (Lab/91 votes), Steven Pearse-Danker (UKIP/165 votes).Worle East (two seat)Winners: Paula Howell (Lib Dem/ 183 votes), Phil Judd (Con/233 votes).Losers: Flora Fawcett (Indpt/134 votes), Peter Hardaway (Lib Dem/179 votes), Jacqueline Scholes (Lab/44 votes), Christopher Ward (Lab/50 words).Worle South (one seat)Winner: Edward Keating (Lib Dem/328 votes).Loser: Paul Francis (Lab/202 votes).Worlebury (two seat)Winners: Lisa Pilgrim (Con/841 votes), Ian Porter (Con/828 votes).Losers: Ron Moon (Lib Dem/349 votes), Michael O'Regan (Lab/140 votes), Brian Osborne (Lib Dem/309 votes), Adrian Tucker (Lab/161 votes).Wyvern (one seat)Winner: June How (Lib Dem/219 votes).Loser: Hazel Perren (Lab/211 votes).CONSERVATIVES have remained strong in Sedgemoor after Friday’s local elections.Although the Tories triumphed overall at the district council elections in Bridgwater, the Liberal Democrats gained three more district seats, all in the Highbridge ward.The Tories kept their 35 seats, remaining the same as the last elections in 2003. Labour lost three seats and now only has 11, compared to 14 in 2003. Axe Vale ward winner John Denbee, Berrow winner Tony Grimes and Brent North winner Andrew Gilling all went through the election process uncontested.Parish and town council votes are still being counted.SEDGEMOOR DISTRICT COUNCIL RESULTSAxbridge (one seat)Winner: Elizabeth Scott (Con/406)Loser: Colette Winfield (Lib Dem/156)Axe Vale (one seat)Winner: John Denbee (Con) duly elected, no contestBerrow (one seat)Winner: Tony Grimes (Con) duly elected, no contestBrent North (one seat)Winners Andrew Gilling (Con) duly elected, no contestBurnham North (three seats)Winners: Peter Clayton (Con/1442), Dennis Davey (Con/1375), Neville Jones (Con/1110)Losers: Derrick Cooper (Lab/417), Adrian Petoud (Lib Dem/589), Allan Townsend (Lib Dem/556), Rod Winfield (Lib Dem/563)Burnham South (three seats)Winners: Eric Gill (Con/933), Michael Mansfield (Lib Dem/931), Arthur Thorogood (Con/939)Losers: Nicky Livings (Lib Dem/811), John Morgan (Con/852), Hilary Rose (Lib Dem/849)Cheddar and Shipham (three seats)Winners: Peter Downing (Con/1006), Dawn Hill (Con/1189), Jeff Savage (Con/1084)Losers: Brian Corney (Lab/257), Gill Davies (Indp/372), Suzanne Green (Lib Dem/527), Norma Scanlon (Lab/285), Thomas Scott (Lab/187)Highbridge (three seats)Winners: John Laband (Lib Dem/590), Joe Leach (Lib Dem/714), Danny Titcombe (Lib Dem/611)Losers: Joyce Curtis (Lab/393), Linda Davis (Lab/323), Sheila Forrester (Lab/297), Janet Keen (Con/412), Roger Keen (Con/418), Patrick Simpson (Con/350)Huntspill and Pawlett (two seats)Winners: Michael Herbert (Con/725), Jane Moreton (Con/870)Losers: Ian Wallace (Lib Dem/288)Knoll (one seat)Winners: Robert Filmer (Con/735)Losers: Nina O’Reilly (Lib Dem/140)Sandford (one seat)Winners: Ann Bown (Con/779)Losers: Janice Beasley (Lib Dem/130), Elizabeth Leavy (Lab/121)Wedmore and Mark (two seats)Winners: Diana Bayliss (Con/1100), Richard Burden (Con/1028)Losers: Rosemary Hasler (Lib Dem/410), Andrew Merryfield (Lab/195), David Sisson (Lib Dem/388)

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