WATCH: Moment unlikely heroine saves the day at Weston Air Show

Kerry Cope directs traffic on Marine Parade, Weston, after motorists left the Air Festival.

Kerry Cope directs traffic on Marine Parade, Weston, after motorists left the air show. - Credit: Archant

Motorists faced traffic misery after Weston Air Festival finished yesterday (June 26) as hundreds waited for more than an hour to get off the beach.

Scores of vehicles were left stranded on Beach Road car park as long queues caused a standstill up to the Tropicana.

Some people even resorted to aggressive honking, while others remained patiently outside their vehicle to avoid the sizzling heat. 

The gridlock was only alleviated after an impromptu traffic warden from Barry saved the day in the absence of official traffic wardens operated by North Somerset Council.

Kerry Cope travelled from Wales to watch the show but took it upon herself to be the day's heroine and save motorists from the hour-long misery as cars logjammed Marine Parade.

Kerry Cope after she was moved-on by police.

Kerry Cope after she was moved-on by police. - Credit: Archant

She said: "It was utter chaos - nobody was letting each other out and there weren't any marshals or police in sight.

"Something had to be done, so I got out of my husbands car and started directing the traffic one at a time. 

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"It worked really well and after my intervention traffic was freely moving. 

"Nobody wanted to do anything so somebody had to help."

Kerry has no prior experience as a traffic officer but said she and her husband are no strangers to saving the day.

"We saved a seagull once and also helped a disabled man too.

"I just like being helpful when and where I can."

Thousands enjoyed watching displays from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to the Red Arrows on Sunday, but as the weekend's events drew to a close, a parking frenzy ensued. 

Police officers were told not to intervene in the chaos, and although motorists followed Kerry's directions and trusted her authority for more than 30 minutes, she was informed by police it was unsafe to direct traffic without the relevant council authorities.

Weston Air Festival Facebook page said on Sunday: "We are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue with the carpark in the beachfront.

"The council vehicles are on hand to help car owners in difficulty. Please be patient with each other as it will take some time to completely clear the carparks."