Footpath closed after car crash in Weston park

Car damage at Prince Consort Gardens

Fence panels, a tree and a wall were damaged in the crash. - Credit: Friends of Prince Consort Gardens

A footpath through Prince Consort Gardens in Weston has been closed off for public safety after a car landed on its roof in the seafront park. 

A driver ploughed through the fence at the side of Birnbeck Road in the early hours of May 23. 

No other car was involved in the accident, and the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital by friends, before discharging themselves later that day. 

Seven fence panels and a tree were destroyed in the crash, and the wall is believed to be unstable.  

A spokesman for the Friends of Prince Consort Gardens said: “North Somerset Council is dealing with repairs as it’s too big a job for us to do and the wall is potentially unstable.  

“They are arranging for appropriate contractors to install appropriate safety fencing. The footpath will be closed in the meantime until the safety fencing is in place, which shouldn’t take too long.” 

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