Travellers pitch-up at Weston park

Travellers have pitched-up at Clarence Park East in Weston. Picture: Gary Williams

Travellers have pitched-up at Clarence Park East in Weston. Picture: Gary Williams - Credit: Gary Williams

Travellers have been spotted after pitching-up at Clarence Park East in Weston.

Council officials are due to visit the area today (Tuesday) to ask the group to move on, who will ‘take enforcement action if required’.

Five caravans and four vehicles have been spotted at the park, in Walliscote Road, and the sighting has also been reported to police.

Deputy leader for North Somerset Council, Mike Bell, said: “A number of residents contacted me last night (Monday) to let me know about an unauthorised encampment of travellers that has arrived in Clarence Park East and I have reported the situation to the police and council officials.

“Clarence Park is an important green space for local residents, especially at this time, and I do not want to see it out of action for very long.

“Council officers will visit the site to comply with the usual legal requirements. I have asked that every effort is made to urgently encourage the group to relocate and take enforcement action if that is required.

“It is not in the traveller’s interests to remain there as there is obviously no fresh water or toilet facilities at the park to enable hand-washing and good hygiene.

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“I expect the council and police to work with the group to identify a more appropriate temporary encampment as required.

“I have heard conflicting reports about how the group gained access to the park. It is not clear if one of the bollards was left down or whether it was damaged by the group gaining access.

“We will clearly have to look at that again in due course to minimise opportunities for future ingress.”