Dozens of treasure items found in Somerset

Buried treasure has been found in Somerset.

Buried treasure has been found in Somerset. - Credit: Archant

Fortune hunters and hobbyists have found hundreds of buried treasure troves in Somerset since records began seven years ago.

The British Museum says the scale of artefacts unearthed across the country exceeds expectations, with reported finds showing 'little sign of dipping anytime soon'.

Thirty two discoveries were made in Somerset last year, says the Museum and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

A whopping 238 discoveries were reported since 2012.

The Treasure Act defines treasure as finds older than 300 years. These include coins, prehistoric metallic objects and artefacts that are at least 10 per cent precious metals such as gold or silver.

Finders must tell the coroner within two weeks, so the court can hold an inquest to decide who gets the loot, or they face an unlimited fine or up to three months behind bars.

Museums are given the chance to purchase any pieces a coroner rules as treasure. But the finder receives a sum depending on its value.