Twenty more cases of coronavirus diagnosed in North Somerset

Increase in coronavirus cases in North Somerset.

Increase in coronavirus cases in North Somerset. - Credit: Archant

Another 20 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in North Somerset.

Public Health England figures show that 210 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 by 9am yesterday (Monday), up from 190 the same time on Friday.

It means cases have increased by 11 per cent over the weekend, higher than the rate of increase across the UK at 10 per cent.

Three people have died from coronavirus at Weston Area Health Trust so far, including NHS worker Amarante Dias.

Figures announced by the Government each day only include cases recorded in hospitals. while data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) includes people in care homes.

ONS figures out today show there were 22.351 deaths which involved coronavirus up to April 17 in England and Wales, compared to the figures of 14,451 in hospitals at the same stage.

Between April 10 and 17, the number of deaths in care homes increased by 48.5 per cent – from 4,927 to 7,316.

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There has also been a 10 per cent increase in deaths in hospitals – 8,578 to 9,434 – and an 11 per cent increase in deaths occurring in private homes – 4,117 to 4,570.

In week 15 (April 10), care home deaths made up 26.6 per cent of all deaths, which has risen to 32.7 per cent of all deaths in Week 16 (April 17).

In Week 16, the proportion of deaths in care homes involving Covid-19 was 28 per cent.