Dog with ‘urine-soaked’ and ‘severely matted’ fur rescued by member of public

A member of the public found Marley on January 16.

A member of the public found Marley on January 16. - Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA has launched an appeal to find the owner of Marley, a 12-year-old dog found abandoned in Bleadon.

The vet shaved over 1kg of matted fur.

The vet shaved over 1kg of matted fur. - Credit: RSPCA

The Shih-tzu cross' fur was severely matted, urine-soaked and its nails had overgrown to ten centimetres by the time he was spotted by a member of the public on January 16.

The dog had been microchipped, enabling the RSPCA to get his name, breed and age, though the info was dated.

Marley was then rushed to the RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre and given urgent care. After this, a vet shaved the matted fur, including the 25cm dread lock attached to his tail. Eventually, 1.68kg of matted fur was shaved from the dog.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Alison Sparkes, who is investigating the case, said: "The matts of fur were all soaked in urine and his feet had huge flippers of overgrown fur on them.

"We really want to find the person who is responsible for Marley gettingin such a horrendous condition. It would have taken months for him to get like this, and he's been in tremendous pain."

The RSPCA recieves more than 1million calls to its 24-hour animal cruelty line in the UK.

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If you recognise Marley, or have any information about him or his former owners call the RSPCA appeal line on 03001 238018.