Weston primary school students 'heartbroken' after vandals strike

Mendip Green

Mendip Green pupils were heartbroken when they discovered vandals had destroyed the early years play area. - Credit: Mendip Green

Two primary schools in Weston have been the victims of a wrecking spree carried out by vandals in the space of two days.

Staff and students of both Mendip Green and Oldmixon primary schools were 'heartbroken' after arriving early for school to find vandals had smashed the early year area used by reception pupils and other resources.

Those responsible tore down fences to gain access to the school grounds before wreaking havoc.

 Mendip Green

Staff at Mendip Green arrived early on Monday to find the damage. - Credit: Mendip Green

“The children are absolutely heartbroken to see all their things smashed up. At that age, they just don’t understand that the sort of people responsible for this vandalism exists." Said Mendip Green headteacher, James Oakley.

“We have had to move the early years group into the classroom because the area is not safe.

"The canopy over the area has been damaged and we are unsure as to whether it is safe.”

“The damage to all the equipment and the air conditioning could cost around £3,000 alone and that is before we know the full extent of the damage to the canopy and whether that needs to be replaced."

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The vandals had broken into storage sheds, pulling out all of the children’s toys before destroying them along with a mud kitchen made by parents.

They also scaled the roof to damage the air conditioning units.

 Mendip Green

The damage caused means reception pupils will not be able to learn outside for the foreseeable future. - Credit: Mendip Green

The following morning (May 24), staff and students at Oldmixon found similar damage to its play area - and not for the first time.

Deputy headteacher, Roxanne Simpson said: "'We are so proud of our school and the Oldmixon community so to find that our school site has been entered and our equipment damaged again is disappointing and frustrating for our team and children.

"We are hopeful that there will be no further incidents."

Mendip Green

The students' playground was also damaged. - Credit: Mendip Green

Both schools are a part of the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN). 

An ELAN spokesperson told the Mercury it will rely on public donations to repair the damage due to its 'extremely tight budgets'.

They said: “We are appalled at what has happened in our schools this week.

"Vandalism is, very sadly, not unusual, and these latest attacks have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to children’s play equipment, storage, buildings, and learning areas.

"With school budgets already extremely tight and providing extreme challenges daily, public money will now have to be used to repair and replace.

"This is money that was to be used to educate children. We are of course insured, but there are excess charges to pay and further upgrades to security to consider."

Both schools have alerted the police to the incidents.