VIDEO: Massage parlour just for babies opens in North Somerset

PUBLISHED: 14:00 04 June 2017 | UPDATED: 17:53 04 June 2017

Infant massage parlour The Baby Company has opened in Banwell.

Infant massage parlour The Baby Company has opened in Banwell.


Babies can be hard work. Trust me, I know. Whether it is getting them to bed when all you want to do is sleep, being awoken at an ungodly hour, or understanding why they are crying, again, it definitely is not an easy task.

But if you are a new parent like me, you may be in luck. A baby massage parlour has opened in North Somerset, offering a range of therapies which can benefit both you and your little one – making the delightful yet difficult task of raising a newborn a little bit easier.

The Baby Company has opened in Banwell, offering a range of classes for parents and babies.

As father to a five-month-old baby girl, I thought it would be a good idea to take her along and see what the fuss is about.

The owner of The Baby Company, Maddie Hale, leads classes for small groups of parents and babies, taking them through massage routines on a dummy.

Parents copy along with their little one, working mainly on the tummy region, but also on the legs and arms.

The therapy aims to tackle a number of ailments which affect infants, but also strengthen the bond between parent and baby.

My little girl, Lilia Rose, loved it. She has suffered with colic, meaning she can be in discomfort and cry a lot at particular times of the day, but after just a few minutes of massage she seemed more relaxed and comfortable.

The Baby Company has opened in Banwell.The Baby Company has opened in Banwell.

Maddie said the key is for baby and parent to be calm.

She said: “We try to keep a nice relaxed vibe, both for the baby’s benefit and parent’s benefit.

“Here in the studio it’s a nice, bright and relaxing room with lots of natural light. We have some specifically designed music to accompany the classes and we also use some white noise as well.”

Experts say baby massage is carries a number of health benefits for parent and child, both physically and mentally, and Maddie echoed that view.

She said: “The most prominent thing parents come to me for is any sort of tummy issues – so wind, colic, constipation – which is quite common among newborn babies so we have an in-depth tummy routine to help with that.

“Massage also helps develop the sleep routine, and babies can feel quite lethargic and tired afterwards, so it’s easier to get them into a routine.

“There are also benefits for the circulatory and immune systems as well as well as developing muscles and strength.

Reporter Sam Frost tries baby massage with his daughter Lilia.Reporter Sam Frost tries baby massage with his daughter Lilia.

“For parents, it’s nice to take some time out of a busy day and just spend some quiet time with their little one. It helps to build the bond between the parents, particularly for dads.

“It’s a nice thing to get into because it is often harder for dad to develop that bond with their baby.

“It’s really good for any mums suffering from post-natal depression just to develop their bond and have a bit of skin-to-skin time.

“It’s also really good for mums that are not breastfeeding whether out of choice or not. It gives them that skin-to-skin contact that they might not always have the chance to do.”

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