Village needs more grave space

A NORTH Somerset village is running out of space to bury its dead.

A NORTH Somerset village is running out of space to bury its dead.

The chairman of Winscombe parish council, Chris Sampson, has sounded fears that the council could run into trouble if residents were hit by a sudden epidemic.

The cemetery in Ilex Lane is becoming full due to residents pre-booking graves, which is common when people may want to be buried next to family members.

However, councillors are considering stopping this temporarily until the site is expanded.

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The parish council is hoping to extend the graveyard onto land directly adjacent to the current cemetery boundary.

Chris Sampson said: "The situation is putting pressure on getting the cemetery expansion done quickly.

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"We would be in big trouble if the village was hit by an epidemic.

"There is a lot of work to be done on the new site including surveys, ground inspections and landscaping.

"It's going to be at least 12 months until the expansion is complete, but then after that we will change the regulations back so plots can be reserved.

"The issue will be discussed thoroughly at the next meeting of the parish council.

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