Villagers hit out at ‘shoddy’ pot-hole repairs

‘SHODDY’ repairs of pot-holes in one North Somerset village are causing a headache for community leaders.

At a meeting of Banwell Parish Council on Monday, councillors listed more than a dozen areas where pot-holes had appeared in recent months.

They complained previous resurfacing work was not good enough and was to blame for the village’s poor state of roads.

Councillor Jim Weston said: “I took a journey down the A368 to Langford last week and I was forced to regularly swerve around large pot-holes in the road.

“I think the resurfacing work carried out needs to be better because the thin tarmac surface they leave on top comes away very quickly, it’s shoddy really.”

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The parish council agreed to send a letter to North Somerset Council, raising councillors’ concerns over road resurfacing work.

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